Linux Containers For Simplicity & Speed

Virtual Machines For Windows & Kernel Hackers

Linux Containers

Our Linux Containers are 100% SSD, so you can expect the fastest, most reliable servers starting at only $4/month. With auto-scaling storage, you'll never pay for more than you use.

Virtual Machines

For total control and flexibility, our Virtual Machines allow you to run your own OS. With fast and affordable SSD and HDD options. Starting at only $9/month.

Get started with a 5 day free trial.

4.0 GHz CPU, 4.0 GB RAM, and 50 GB SSD

Windows Server Licenses

Free for 5 days - Just like a paid account

Upgrade to a paid account anytime

Trial ends with no automatic charges

In The Clouds Since 2003

  • Cloud Servers That Behave Like Real Servers

    Like traditional hardware, our platform can be understood using familiar terms: servers, drives, IP addresses, public networks, and private networks.
  • High Performance Servers

    We guarantee performance and the availability of reserved CPU, RAM, and disk.
  • Bring Your Own Operating System

    If your software runs on standard Intel & AMD architecture, it will run at Open Hosting.
  • Windows Compatability

    Open Hosting proudly supports Microsoft Windows
  • Console Access

    Console access means having hands on the server as it starts up. Open Hosting provides console access with VNC to interact with your server as the OS boots.
  • Gigabit Upstream By Internap

    Network access to the Internet is fundamental to hosting. And, our platform will connect your servers to the Internet over redundant gigabit uplinks to Internap’s carrier-neutral backbone.
  • Secure Networking VLANs And Firewalls

    Our VLANs route unmetered traffic among your servers on protected network infrastructure. Each server may enable up to four network interfaces.
  • API For Platform Automation

    The API offers complete programmatic control of the platform. Provision resources, start and stop servers, generate infrastructure reports and upload your own OS from your custom software.
  • Linux KVM-based Virtualization

    Linux KVM provides native performance in a fully virtualized environment.

To be eligible for this promotion, open a new account between March 1st and April 1st and spend money.

For example:

  • Spend $11 in March and we’ll deposit an additional $11.
  • Spend $200 in March and we’ll deposit an additional $200.
  • Spend $400 in March and we’ll deposit an additional $250.

To receive your credit, please email support after opening an account and purchasing services.