How To

About Our Linux pre-installs

Our Linux pre-installs are minimal installs of Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian, which are configured without swap, with the extlinux bootloader, and without any partitions — just a filesystem filling the entire drive, which allows for easy resizing.

It is important to note that our pre-installs are configured without a root password. This has the two effects of disabling root network logins and not requesting a password at the console. In other words, by default, no password is required to log in as root over our platform-VNC beyond the VNC password. You can set a root password with ‘passwd’ which will also enable remote SSH access for root.

Alternatively, by default, you can login via SSH as superuser with toor. This alias is mapped to root, and will accept the platform VNC password over SSH. The toor password is automatically updated to match the platform VNC password on boot by reading the password from bios, but you can safely delete it using the ‘deluser’ command.

They are otherwise normal and yours to do with as you wish. And, you might benefit form taking the following actions:

  1. Set a password for root:

    Use ‘passwd’ to set a password root. This will also enable remote SSH access for root. And, remember, if you’re connected as toor, the command would be ‘passwd root’.

  2. Add a non-privileged user:

    For day-to-day use, use ‘adduser’ to add a user without root-level privileges.

  3. Remove the welcome notice:

    A note containing much of this information is included on all pre-installs. Edit /etc/issue to remove it.