How To

Access Your Drives By FTP

Among the new features launched today: an FTP service that allows users to upload and download drives from their accounts.

We’re often asked if existing servers, operating systems, or ISOs can be uploaded into an account. And, so many times we say, “Yes, by way of the API. Or, if the image is very modest in size, use the ‘upload’ button on the drive-detail page.” But, mostly, folks do want to move large files and understandably don’t want to bothered with the API.

While the API and upload-tool remain the most robust means of moving drives into your account, the new FTP service makes these moves simple.

The FTP username is your UUID and the password is your API secret key, both of which can be found on your account profile page.

Once connected, your drives will be exposed as files. You can upload anything into your account, but only raw drive images will be mountable. But, whatever you upload you may download, from jpegs to text files.