How To

Add credit to your account

You can pay for Open Hosting services in two different ways, allowing you to combine regular and burst use:

  • By prepay balance, paying for burst use: This scheme offers most flexibility for you to start, stop and scale your cloud servers, as and when you need. Hourly rates are higher than our subscription rates, since demand is less predictable for us.
  • By monthly subscription, paid in advance: This scheme offers the lowest rates for continuous use of cloud servers, and will suit customers who wish to host a website or other ongoing service, with the ability to scale it when demand rises.

Both services offer recurring payment – you can choose to auto-topup your prepay balance or auto-renew your subscriptions when they expire. We allow payment by credit card or by PayPal but please note that recurring payment is only available with a credit card. To see your current subscriptions and prepay balance, use the Billing page of the control panel. Option 1: Top up your prepay balance If you prefer to pay for burst use, you’ll need to add to your prepay balance. To do this, visit the Billing page, and scroll to the “Hourly Burst use” section, then choose the amount you would like to top up:

You can then pay by credit card or PayPal. If you want to use auto-topup, use a credit card:

Option 2: Add a monthly subscription Alternatively, to add a monthly subscription for a service, first navigate to the Subscriptions page. Choose the service that you would like to add, and the date that you would like the service to end, and click Update Subscriptions. For example, here we’re extending our subscription, minus the Windows licences, for another year:

You’ll then be taken to the order confirmation page, where you can review your order and proceed with payment. You can pay by credit card or by PayPal, or with funds from your prepay balance if you have enough to cover it:

If you pay by credit card, you will be taken to our secure third-party payment screen, and may be asked to enter extra security details at this stage – please contact us if you have any questions about payment:

Once payment is complete, if you wish, you can set up auto-renew for your subscriptions and prepay Burst balance, or you can choose to be emailed when subscriptions are about to expire or your prepay balance is low:

Questions For more information on billing, please see our FAQ section on billing and our pricing options.