How To

Back up and share your files

To back up and share your files, we recommend ownCloud – free software that is easy to install on to your Open Hosting Cloud Server. ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface, just like Dropbox. And like Dropbox, it has automatic backup and versioning, lets you share your files easily with others, and lets you access your files from any device.

    Step 1: Install ownCloud

Installation is easy! On a Ubuntu server, run:

$ sudo apt-get install owncloud

If you’re not using Ubuntu, see the installation instructions for other OSs. Alternatively, if security is your prime concern, consider installing Ubuntu from scratch and selecting an encrypted filesystem during installation. Then install SSL and use it to connect to ownCloud.

    Step 2: Set up ownCloud

Once ownCloud is installed, go to the admin page at http://YOUR IP/owncloud/ and set up a username and password. If you’re using ownCloud for file transfer, we recommend using a software client, which will speed things up and allow you to upload and download entire directories.