How To

IP address handling

Simple walkthrough:
  1. Purchase static IP To set up a static IP address, first you’ll need to purchase it. If you want to use it for a set length of time, you can buy it as a subscription. If you’d rather pay for burst use, you’ll need to have some pre-pay credit in your account.
  2. Add static IP in control panel Then, click ‘add static IP’ on the control panel, which will allocate you an actual address:
  3. Add static IP to each server Finally, shut down your server, click Edit, and configure the static IP in your server configuration.
  4. This is now the primary IP address for the server, but if you want, you can configure additional static IPs inside your server. Static IPs can be removed from your account as easily as they can be added, so take care not to remove IPs that are already in use. You can also create and manage static IP addresses through the Resource API.
Video transcript
  1. Click Add and select Static IP. You will then see this IP added to the list at the bottom of your control panel. You can also add a Reverse DNS for these addresses using the input box to the right. To demonstrate how to manage multiple addresses, I’m going to create two Static IPs.
  2. To add a static IP to your server, first ensure it is is powered off and click Edit to see its configuration. Under the Network heading you should see a drop-down. You can select the primary IP by selecting it from this drop-down. Underneath you can see the allowed
  3. For linux you can use the command:
  4. ip addr add x.x.x.x/x dev eth0

    For windows you navigate through: Network and Sharing Centre – Ethernet Status – Ethernet Properties – IPV4 then specify a static IP and click Advanced to add multiple static IPs with their respective subnet masks.

  5. And that’s it. It’s that simple to change to a static IP on your Open Hosting server.