Linux Containers

  • Fast, affordable CPU and RAM

  • Boot in 2 seconds and experience bare-metal performance.

  • 100% SSD in mirrored RAID arrays

  • For the fastest and most reliable storage, our containers use only SSD in mirrored RAID arrays.

  • Unique usage-only billing

    Save money by only paying for the storage you use. Our unique container storage grows on demand. Start with a 1 GB of SSD and it will grow to your application demands.

  • Cutting-edge Containers

    Containers boot up in 2 seconds and offer bare metal performance. We use the latest Linux kernel containerization technologies such as namespaces and control groups (cgroups), just like the kernel's Linux Containers (LXC) API. Drives are backed by high I/O SSD storage.

  • Service Level Agreement Guarantee

    100x credit for any downtime over 15 minutes.

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  • Easy to use control panel & API

    99.99% uptime guarantee. Our software platform is backed up online and offsite, through hourly/daily/weekly schedules. Upstream network links are redundant, as is every power supply in all our infrastructure.

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