Unit Costs


VM CPU ($/core-GHz-hour)


VM Memory ($/GB-hour)


Container CPU ($/core-GHz-hour)


Container Memory ($/GB-hour)


Disk ($/GB-month)


SSD ($/GB-month)


Data Transfer ($/GB)



Static IP ($/month)


Private network VLAN ($/month)


Firewall ($/month)



Windows Server 2008 R2 Web ($/license-month)


Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard ($/license-month)


Server 2012 Standard ($/license-month)


Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 Web ($/license-month)


We Offer Two Different Billing Options

Competitively priced billing methods to make it easier on you.

Subscription Billing

The Best Discount

Paid in advance, this option offers the lowest rates for continuous use, and best meets the needs of clients who wish to host an ongoing service. Simple and very competitively priced, Subscription Pricing is the more popular pricing plan. Enjoy a 15% discount with subscriptions 12-months or longer. A subscription can be for any number of days or months and can be increased or extended at any time. The quantity of any subscribed resource can be easily increased. Likewise, the length of the subscription can be extended.

A subscription covers a given level or resource use. You can run one or more servers up to this level, starting and stopping them as you wish. For example, a subscription for 10GB of RAM can be allocated to one, two, or more servers.

Note: Subject to a minimum a minimum rate of $0.007/hour when running servers. And, we don’t offer refunds on subscriptions.

Hourly Burst Billing

The Most Flexibility

Deducted from a prepaid account balance, this option offers clients the most flexibility to start, stop, and scale servers. It’s best suited for customers with irregular and unpredictable usage requirements; for example, during application development or for those platforms that experience uneven demand. The burst rates are 25% greater than standard subscription rates. Hourly Burst use is billed as you use it, from your pre-paid balance. It is charged in 15 minute periods. 15 minute periods are per-account and measured by the clock – this means that an hour bought at 09:05 expires at 09:20 even if you stop the server earlier, but also that if you stop the server at 09:10 and start a new, replacement server at 09:15 then it is still covered until 09:20.

Note: There are minimum balance requirements for burst use above $0.20/hour. Above this level, you must have sufficient balance to cover 14 days of the excess use at the point that you add disk space or start a server.

More About Pricing

  • Combine Billing Methods

    The billing options are complementary, and may be combined. In fact, we often recommend it! While your CPU, disk, and memory requirements might be predictable and stable, your bandwidth demands might not be.

  • Hourly Burst Billing as Fallback

    Even if you opt to purchase all resources by subscription, it is recommended that you keep a prepaid balance. Should a subscription expire, your servers might be stopped. But, before stopping your servers, the platform will first attempt to keep them running under Burst Billing. This only works if you’ve a positive prepay balance. In this way, the platform can draw against your prepaid balance to keep your servers running while you renew your subscription.

  • Payment Options

    Open Hosting accepts several payment options, including credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), and Paypal. Optionally, for large payments, we accept bank wires.

  • Microsoft Licenses

    All resources can be purchased by Hourly Burst or Subscription except Microsoft licenses, which can only be purchased by 30-day subscriptions.