How To

Configuring Windows Server with VLANs

We feel our platform is terrific for Microsoft Windows. And, our VLANs are a great way to privately network your servers. The physical network infrastructure over which the VLANs route traffic have no contact with the Internet. Plus, the traffic is unmetered, and very fast. But, getting Windows Server 2008 to properly recognize our VLANs can be a little tricky.

When you add a VLAN interface to Windows Server 2008, you want it to be treated as a private network by the Windows Server firewall. By default, Windows marks it “unknown” and thus it’s given public firewall rules. In order to make it private (to allow for file sharing, among other things), you’ll need to modify the security settings as follows:

Step 1: First, start the MMC Console:

On your server, click Start, Run...

Enter “MMC” and press OK

Step 2: Next, we’ll open the Snap-in Manager:

From within the MMC console, in the “File” menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in…

Step 3: Here, we’ll we’ll open the group policy for editing:

Select “Group Policy Object Editor,” click Add, select “Local Computer” for “Group Policy Object.”

Here, click Finish. And, on the next screen click OK.

Step 4: Next, we’ll navigate to the policy governing network security:

Expand “Local Computer Policy,” expand “Computer Configuration,” expand “Windows Settings,” expand “Security Settings,” and select “Network List Manager Policies.”

Step 5: Finally, we’ll update the network type:

Double-click “Unidentified Networks,” and change “Location type” to Private.